Malaysia vs South Korea

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Yesterday, I went to National Stadium here in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. I went with my father and younger brother to watch Malaysia football squad to take on South Korean side. Actually both teams were Under-23 squad which of course as you all know, it means that all players were below or at least 23 years old. The World Cup fever is already over by now, but I was so excited to watch this game. So did the 30,000 fans who came to the stadium during that evening.

Malaysia (Blue) vs South Korea (Red)

Malaysian celebrate. Nice strike Safiq!

My friends told me that there should be no contest between both teams. It should be a walk in the park for the Korean side. Well of course, they have a great reputation in world football, let alone in Asia (not to mention their K-pop! lol). But I believed that Malaysian squad will put a fight to get something from the game. I know that Malaysia have improved a lot since Merdeka Cup glory in 2007. They nearly beat Man Utd and claimed gold medal in SEA game last year. And once again, they've proved that they can do it. Malaysia won that match. Hooray! The deserved it. The scoreline was 1-0 and the goal was scored by Safiq Rahim.

Doesn't look like 30,000 people

Few days after the game, I heard some rumor that the South Korean team were actually just formed one week before the game. So they didn't have enough time to settle in and get prepare for the match. I also heard that their players were not the best players that they have. Probably they sent some university players to play on that match. But heck, like any Malaysian care? Those things sound like excuses and slights to the Malaysian squad. All I can say is that Malaysia performed well. Our defenders were solid and I really impressed with the midfielder, they were very confident in keeping the ball and controlling the game. Congratulation Malaysia! We all wish for the success of our national football team.

Harimau Malaya fans

p/s: I really hope Malaysia can get into the World Cup. Brasil 2014 maybe?

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