Avril Lavigne's 2011 Album

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Last Tuesday, Avril Lavigne announced her latest album. Yay! The album will be released on 8/11/2011. Pheww, that's quite a wait. This latest album is titled Goodbye Lullaby and it is expected to be a return to Avril's older musical style, may be largely acoustic - with the exception of the first single. The first single is What the Hell and will make its debut on new year's eve.

Goodbye Lullaby album's cover

This time, she worked with familiar longtime collaborators, Deryck Whibley (her ex-husband), Evan Taubenfeld (former lead guitarist), Butch Walker and Max Martin. Well, that's sounds promising because those people are very great songwriters. Max Martin himself worked with bunch of successful artists; Celine Dion, BSB, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Pink and some others. Butch Walker worked with Avril before with her previous album, The Best Damn Thing. Evan, obviously is a no stranger in Avril's career. Apart from being Avril's best friend, he was also the lead guitarist for the band in the first album, Let Go. Avril also co-wrote many great songs with him, such as Don't Tell Me, Hot, Innocence and few others. As for Deryck, he's the vocalist for Sum 41, so you know that he's a talented artist.

Avril Lavigne & Evan Taubenfeld
I personally very excited with the news. I've been Avril's fan since her first album and it's been a while since The Best Damn Thing, her last album - 3 years ago! The other thing that really makes me happy is the fact that Avril is returning to her older style of music. At the same time, her appearance is more mature and girly. Is girly the right word? Maybe feminine would be more suitable. Not to mention, she's now more beautiful than ever. Love it!

"I'm older now, so I think that comes across in my music,
it's not as pop-rock and it's a little more mellow and it's deep"

- Avril Lavigne, 2010

The album's cover gives an impression that this album will be less rockier than previous albums. More soul, deep, love songs and less tantrum I should say - hopefully. I really can't wait for the album to come out. Hopefully as well, Avril is willing to perform here in Kuala Lumpur again :)

Read from Avril's official website:

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