Anfield Talk: Tribute to Torres (So Long Traitor!)

It was a hectic last minute business in football transfer windows (31 January 2011). Players come and go at Liverpool. But this time, it's a devastating departure. As of now, all football fans around the world have already heard the news. Fernando Torres, our Liverpool FC idol/hero/icon, has transferred to RIVAL club, Chelsea FC for 50 million pounds (British transfer record).

'El-Nino' signed by Benitez in 2007
The way Torres leaving the club is unacceptable. Early in January, he told us (Liverpool's fans) that he was committed to Liverpool and wanted to help the club to finish top 4 and win Europa League. Sadly, that statement was meaningless, a broken promise. About a week before transfer deadline, he expressed his feelings that he wanted to join Chelsea. He was, in fact, requested to be on the transfer list so that he can easily be signed by Chelsea. Unbelievable.

Scores his first for Liverpool against Chelsea (that's ironic!)

I'm sure all football fans out there know and understand the feelings seeing one of your best players in the club leaving. But moving to rival?! That's what we call BETRAYAL. I mean, I could understand if Torres wants to leave Liverpool, but why Chelsea? You see, I believe that Liverpool fans around the world would be fine if Torres transfer to other clubs outside Premiership. We would understand. But not to our rival! Besides, couldn't he wait until the season over? I just don't understand. The way I see it, it's like Michael Owen story all over again. Selfish football star leaves the club for obvious-crazy-money and uncertain glory. Lack of loyalty and pride I should say.

Torres celebrates after scoring at Old Trafford in 2009.
Liverpool trashed Man Utd 4-1 that day!

You may ask how do I feel about this thing. Well, for me, it's like losing a girlfriend. Yeah, indeed. It's like you like this girl, then she meets a new, rich, good looking and somewhat smug guy. Then she decides to leave you for that guy. It's so sudden and unexpected, you like, "what-the-hell? What now? Suddenly I'm not good enough for ya? I might have nothing at the moment, but I'm improving. I've been really honest. What else should I do?" Wait, what am I rambling about? I have no idea. Haha! Not that I'm saying that I have any experience with that or suggesting that I had a man crush on Torres. No, it's not like that. But you understand what I mean right? We always looked up to Torres as a reliable player who can score goals alongside Gerrard. But now...a traitor.

Real Madrid? Galacticos? No senor problema!
Torres scores first as Liverpool kick Real Madrid out from Champions League.
4-0 win at Anfield (5-0 agg). Liverpool demolished United 4-1 few days after that .

I'm not a big fan of Torres, never really was idolizing him. But as Liverpool fan, naturally, I admire his ability, skills and talent. He is such a great striker. Once he was a world class striker (overrated nowadays). But some of Liverpool fans today have supported the club because of him. Yes, it's true. Not to mention women fans. I've been supporting Liverpool since I was 9 years old. Only few times that I felt really sad when Liverpool players left the club; Michael Owen (to Real Madrid - 2004), Danny Murphy (to Charlton Athletic - 2004) and Xabi Alonso (to Real Madrid - 2009) . And now, it happens again. Thank God Liverpool quickly reacted and have signed Luis Suarez & Andy Carroll.

Scores with a fantastic header against Man Utd, again.

Ok, I don't want to talk anymore about how I feel about the news. Let's talk in more football sense now shall we? Here is my opinion on why Torres left us:

  1. Money: 200K pounds per week salary, plus benefits - yeah, remember Shevchenko?
  2. Glory: Chelsea still have chance to do treble (Premiership, Champions League, FA Cup) - and also chance for Torres to sit on comfortable bench at Stamford Bridge, better get used to it Fernando.
  3. Star players: Torres is now have top footballers as teammates. i.e: Drogba, Terry, Mouloda, Lampard and some other a**holes.
  4. Bigger club: This reason is a complete rubbish. But I put it here anyway cause that's what Torres thinks. You know what, Chelsea is NOT a big club, they don't have history & tradition!
  5. Jealous: With his Spanish teammates, esp his striking partner (was) David Villa at Barcelona. They have achieved so many things with their club - Owen wanted the same thing to in 2004, Liverpool then went on to win Champions League in 2005 and FA Cup in 2006. In your face!
  6. Loyalty: He is a traitor. Period.
First hattrick for Liverpool vs Reading. Carling Cup, 2007.

What consequences he will give us?
  1. We no longer have a world class striker. But I guess it won't be long cause we now have Suarez & Carroll.
  2. No more Gerrard-Torres partnership just like there was no more Gerrard-Owen in 2004.
  3. The end of Spanish influence. Only Reina and Pachecho are Spanish now (Ayala is on loan). We had more than 10 players when Benitez was in charge.  More domestic player please Kenny.
  4. Less women fans. Doesn't really matter actually.
But I'm a half-full glass type of guy. Let's take a look at a bright side. 
  1. Liverpool are looking forward and positive with the signing of young Luis Suarez  & Andy Carroll at the age of 23 and 21 respectively. (While Chelsea is doing the complete opposite because Torres has already passed his peak).
  2. Two is better than one. No, I do not mean that song. I mean two young, enthusiastic strikers are better than having one lazy, half-hearted, overrated striker. 
  3. Liverpool spend less than 10 million pounds on both players since Chelsea paid us crazy 50 million pounds for Torres. 
  4. We can now worry less about injury (Torres is a injury prone player in case you don't know).
  5. And yeah, now we know who are the real fans of Liverpool.
  6. Suarez's shining teeth. That's a bright side, right? LMAO! I'm just joking. Ignore this point.
However, as a Liverpool fan, I can't condemn & blame Torres completely. Let's face it. He's human too and he's a footballer that always wants the best for his career. If that's his choice, then so be it. We, Liverpool fans should move on. We have season to save here and a cup to win for. Forget about Torres!

Hold our head up high and walk on.
Double delight!
Dalglish with Carroll (the taller one) and Suarez (Nicer teeth. lol).

But I wonder, how can any Chelsea fans accept Torres as their player? It's must be really hard for them. I'm saying this because I wouldn't know how to react if Rooney or Drogba, or even Van Persie joined us. Should I like them? I mean, I used to hate them, of course I admire their skills and everything, but how could I possibly like them? Well, I'm glad I don't have to deal with that. I'm not sure Chelsea fans will feel the same way. Chelsea is a money-club after all - not related, just randomly mocking.

The Italian Job.
Scores against Inter Milan in 2008 at San Siro.
Anyhow, (hypocrite paragraph starts here) we also will be forever thankful and appreciate what Torres did in the past 3 and half year for us. Magnificent 65 goals in 102 games and few hattricks, thank you. Countless assists and influenced the team. thank you. Spectacular shots and brilliant skills, thank you. Tremendous header and burning pace passing opponents, thank you. Goals against Man Utd, Chelsea (7 goals), Arsenal, Everton, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Marseille and Benfica, a big big thank you. Moving to Chelsea? Damn you!

This entry won't be complete without the list of my favorite Torres goals for Liverpool:
  1. vs Marseille (away) - UEFA Champions League 07/08.
  2. vs Arsenal (home) - UEFA Champions League 07/08.
  3. vs Derby County (away) - Barclays Premier League 07/08
  4. vs Blackburn (home) - Barclays Premier League 08/09
  5. vs Man Utd (home) - Barclays Premier League 09/10
No.2. Top corner shot.
Liverpool 4-2 Arsenal. One of my fav Liverpool game. 

No.3. Elegant dribbling and slots it home.

No.4. Awesome half-volley!

No.5. Beats the crap out of Ferdinand. Take that!

It's so hard to pick top 5 because Torres scored so many beautiful goals for us. His 2nd goal against Wolves (home, BPL, 09/10) and Chelsea (home, BPL, 10/11) can easily be in that list.

Against Marseille goal. 
Look how many opponents surround him. Brilliant goal!

So, I guess that's it. I would love to talk more about his contribution, performance, skills and even betrayal, but I have to stop here. I should look forward, so should all Liverpool fans out there. Some might wonder why is this entry sounds like I hate Torres so much. No, I don't hate him, I'm just disappointed. Ok, maybe I hate little bit. But you know, it's natural for any Liverpool fans to react like that. You see, we HATE Torres so much because we LOVED him so much. Get it?

You'll walk alone at Chelsea.
Well, lately he likes to walk on the pitch after all. Effortless.
Anyways, we wish you all the *cough* worst *cough* in your career. Sayonara Fernando. Wait, you're Spanish. So, Adios El-Nino!

p.s: I think this is the best entry I've written so far. Haha!


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