Avril Lavigne's Latest Album!


Avril Lavigne has finally released her latest album after freakin 4 years! Yay! Hahaha. As you all probably have known, the album is called Goodbye Lullaby. It's the 4th studio album by Avril and the first single is What The Hell.

I bought this album yesterday (ignore the fact that I posted this entry on April :-P) and it's actually a deluxe version. So if you buy this album, you will get few extra tracks and 30 minutes bonus video as well. Also, you can get a tote bag for free! Obviously I won't use it, so I gave it to my sister.

There are 14 new songs + 4 bonus tracks. I've listened all of the songs few times already and I love it. This album is different from Avril last couple of albums. The songs are calmer, catchy and certainly good. You can easily pick up the lyrics and sing along to it after a few listens - which surprised me, but I like it. I will write a full review of this album later. For now, all I can say is that the songs like Wish You Were Here & I Love You can easily be your favorites song in the album. And yeah, the design and art for this album are amazing. Beautiful! But still can't beat Taylor Swift's Speak Now though. Hehe.

Here's the acoustic performance of Wish You Were Here song. It's a nice song. Give it a try.

Btw, off topic, I wonder whether people still buy original album. I mean, the original cd. Coz nowadays you can easily download any artists full album from internet. I know it, because I do download it sometimes too. Guilty! Hehe. But for me, I still collect original cd, but not from all singers. I only buy Westlife, Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift albums. The rest would be a waste of money. Hahaha!

That's it for now. Thanks for reading! Ciao


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