Westlife Greatest Hits 2011 Album

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So, finally, Westlife have released their Greatest Hits album which was released in 18 November 2011. This album is their last album since they are going to split summer next year. For those who haven't heard about the news yet, Westlife are splitting after 14 years in music industry. They will make their farewell tour starting next year and will end it at Croke Park stadium, Dublin, Ireland. The farewell gig tickets at Croke Park have been sold out after 5 minutes! Yup, you read it right. Hence, Westlife decided to make 2nd Croke Park concert after the first one.

Ok, so back to the album. Since this is their last album, the Greatest Hits contains all of their singles and popular song. 4 new songs are also included in this album and Lighthouse has been chosen as their first single (charted 11th in Ireland & 32nd in UK). The album has 18 songs for standard version while the dvd deluxe version contains 18 songs (cd1) + 18 songs (cd2) + 35 music videos (dvd).

Westlife Greatest Hits album cover

Here is the tracklisting.

1. Swear It Again
2. If I Let You Go
3. Flying Without Wings
4. I Have A Dream
5. Against All Odds
6. My Love
7. Uptown Girl
8. Queen Of My Heart
9. World Of Our Own
10. Mandy
11. You Raise Me Up
12. Home
13. What About Now
14. Safe
15. Lighthouse (2011 new song)
16. Beautiful World (2011 new song)
17. Wide Open (2011 new song)
18. Last Mile Of The Way (2011 new song)

1. Season in the Sun
2. Fool Again
3. What Makes A Man
4. When You're Looking Like That
5. Bop Bop Baby
6. Unbreakable
7. Hey Whatever
8. Obvious
9. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
10. Amazing
11. The Rose
12. Us Against The World
13. What About Now (Live at the O2)
14. Uptown Girl (Live at the O2)
15. Mandy (Live at the O2)
16. Home (Live at the O2)
17. Flying Without Wings (Proms In the Park 2011)
18. You Raise Me Up (Proms In the Park 2011)

DVD (videos) – Region 9
1. Swear It Again
2. If I Let You Go
3. Flying Without Wings
4. I Have a Dream
5. Seasons In The Sun
6. Fool Again
7. Against All Odds
8. My Love
9. What Makes A Man
10. I Lay My Love On You
11. Uptown Girl
12. When Your Looking Like That
13. Queen Of My Heart
14. World Of Our Own
15. Bop Bop Baby
16. Unbreakable
17. Tonight
18. Miss You Nights
19. Hey Whatever
20. Mandy
21. Obvious
22. Ain't That a Kick
23. Smile
24. Angel
25. You Raise Me Up
26. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
27. Amazing
28. The Rose
29. Home
30. Us Against The World
31. Something Right
32. What About Now
33. Safe
34. Swear It Again (US Version)
35. World Of Our Own (US Version)

I've listened to the all 4 new songs and they are really great. Each song has different tune which I can say, resembles all types of music of Westlife in the past 14 years. This album is a must have album for every Westlife's fans out there. Anyone who enjoys listening to Westlife's old songs also may want to buy this album as a collection, gift or something. Personally, can't wait to have it.

So that's it for now. I will post something regarding Westlife's split & their concert in Kuala Lumpur last month. Thanks for reading.

p.s: Westlife's Greatest Hits as a birthday present for me, anyone? =p


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