Taylor Swift's New 2012 Album

I was thinking to write about Olympic games that ended few days ago, but something more exciting came up this morning. Taylor Swift's new album will come out soon! She announced it during the live hangout session on You Tube this morning. The new album is called Red. From ABC news website, "Taylor said she decided to use the title 'Red' because it was really simple and epitomized the different emotions she experienced in the crazy, 'semi-toxic' relationships she’s had in the past two years, and there’s nothing beige about that." Whatever that means. She also said that she wrote 30 to 35 songs for the album but only 16 songs will be in it. The first single is We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and it's a break-up song - no surprise there. The album will be released on 22 October this year.

I read some articles regarding this album. Apparently, Taylor is trying something new with this one. Unlike her last album, Speak Now, she collaborates with so many other song writers and musicians. There are few names that I've heard before. Two of them are Butch Walker and Max Martin. If you're a fan of Avril Lavigne, you probably have came across these guys' name on Avril's songs. Both of them are no stranger in music business. They worked many other popular artists before. So, I'm sure it's going to be great for Taylor's album. Mark Foster is another familiar name. Yes, it's the guy from Foster The People. I noticed from Taylor's tweets few months back that she admires Ed Sheeran. Taylor really likes his album and Lego House is one of her favorite songs in the album. Who's this guy, you may ask. Honestly, I didn't know about him at first either. Not until the closing ceremony of recent Olympic games. I watch his performance and he was wearing a red hoodie, and I thought "This guy is not bad, but who is he? He must be famous to perform for closing ceremony." Well, I was just admiring his nice red hoodie really. Anyway, Taylor said that there's one duet song with Ed in her new album. That should be interesting. 

As I informed earlier, the new single is called We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Now let's talk about this new single. First of all, the song is a pop song, not a country song, and not even a pop rock song. The song sounds cool and catchy. It's the kind of song that you can hear everyday in the radio. A mainstream song I should say. The lyrics are about a broken relationship. I'm gonna be honest here and say that I'm not really impressed with it. I mean, it's ok and not a bad song. Quite good actually. But I'm not a big fan of that kind of song. Some people may like it, but I don't. Definitely not in my top 10 Taylor's song, not even 30. What bugs me little bit is the lyrics. The lyrics are not as good as any other Taylor's songs. The words are direct and not creative enough for my liking. However, I do expect this song to do well in charts. It's a mainstream song and Taylor has millions of fans that surely will rate it highly. Frankly, I feel that her previous songs like Long Live, Enchanted, & Better Than Revenge for example are much better than this. But Taylor seems like want to try something new and fresh. I'm not sure how the whole album will turn out but it's a bit of a leap from a rock song like Eyes Open to this new pop song. Anyway, it's still a nice song and it's stuck in my head already. Especially the 'weeeeee' angry bird-like part. I'm just kidding. 
I'm going save my judgement for the other 15 songs until the album is released. I do expect that it will be a great album. I remember the time when Avril Lavigne released her new single, Girlfriend, from The Best Damn Thing album back in 2007. I didn't really like it. Same goes to her Goodbye Lullaby album where she released What The Hell song for the first single. I didn't like it either. Mainly because the songs are not the original Avril's style of music. But since the songs were mainstream songs at that time (still are) and they have that popular tune, people like them. Both songs did well in the charts. So, I expect the same thing from Taylor's Red. I also really hope that there will be at least a couple of country songs in the album. I don't mind this slight change in her style of music. She's 22 years old and already has 4 albums including Red. It doesn't hurt to try something new. I'm sure the fans will be fine as long as she doesn't change herself like what Miley Cyrus has done.

Can't wait for the album to be released. And hopefully, Taylor will include Kuala Lumpur in her tour lists next year.


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