TV Series Round-up

Happy new year guys!

LOST (quick review)
Last year was the final season of LOST. Do guys know LOST? Yeah, that tv series. I'm a massive fan of this show. LOST is definitely in the top 3 of my all-time favorite tv series list and it's pretty sad to see the show ends. LOST follows the lives of various characters, most importantly the survivors of the plane crash, on a mysterious island. LOST is a great show, because they played with the characters' emotion very well and the storyline were fantastic. The final season. last year, was the 6th season of the series. But, honestly, it wasn't as good as the previous seasons, especially season 1,2 and 3. My thought is that the producers & writers didn't conclude the whole story very well. In fact, so many questions have been left unsolved. But overall, I still think that it was a great show. Btw, here's one big rule that you must follow in order to understand LOST; you must watch all episodes, in the right order preferably. True, otherwise you wouldn't understand and you ended up asking 'why' every time you watch it. Haha.

"Tell me guys, if this island can heal people,
do you think it can help me with my hair problem?

Now let's get to the other tv series that I'm following and still running.

The Office
The Office is one of my favorites tv show of all time, of all time! (Kanye West's emphasizing style. Haha). Probably my number one and the best I've seen yet. The Office depicts the everyday lives of office employee in Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of a paper company named Dunder Mifflin. The characters in this series are awesome, including the supporting characters. It's a comedy series and the jokes are simple, smart and subtle. They don't have to jump around or act like an idiot to tell their jokes (eventually, at some point, they did). That's why I like this show very much. I tell you what, if any tv series I'd recommend to you guys, it would be The Office. You guys go watch season 1 (6 episodes) & season 2 (22 episodes)* and I promise that you will come back for more. Yup and this is not an exaggeration - unless if you put your expectation way too high or compare it to your favorite show, and that would kill your impression on The Office.

What happened last time (spoiler alert!):
For your information, this season will be the last season of the main character, Michael Scott, the boss of the office *sad*. Last episode was the 12th episode of the 7th season and it was a Xmas episode. It was hilarious! Holly back at the office and Michael gets so excited about it. He postpones the party to the later time when Holly comes back to impress her. He learns that Holly is still with AJ and naturally, he gets upset and acts unpredictably (Pam refers it as 'idolizing people'). In the end of the episode, Michael learns from Pam that Holly gives ultimatum to AJ.

Michael as a Santa yet again

Office romance. Pam & Jim

The Office's casts

Next episode:
The next episode is 'The Ultimatum and will be airing on 21 January 2011 (Pheww!)

*(20 minutes for each episodes except for Casino Night episode; 40 minutes)

This show is actually produced by one of the producers of LOST - J.J Abrams. Abrams also produced two great films, Cloverfield (2008) & Star Trek (2009). In fact, he was also the man behind Alias (2001) & Felicity (1998) (I watched all of them!). As a big fan of the guy, I couldn't resist but started to watch Fringe. And I ain't disappointed. Fringe is awesome! The concept of the story is pretty much the crossover of CSI and X-Files. The series follows the story of FBI 'Fringe Division' team in their investigation on many mysterious & scientific cases happen around them. The thing that I like the most about Fringe is that it plays with science ('fringe science' to be precise - parallel universe, time travel, dark matter, telepathic, etc) deeply. That's actually the theme of the show. It is a brilliant sci-fi tv series.

What happened last time (spoiler alert!):
Currently, Fringe is on its 9th episodes of season 3. In the last episode, Olivia Dunham, the main character, manages to jump back to the real world after she got stuck in the parallel universe for some times. I know, it sounds strange and way too confusing. But that's what happens. I could tell you more, but probably no one would understand, except if you do follow the show. Right? Hehe.

"Hey, what's up?"
Walter, Peter & Olivia
Next episode:
Firefly. Premiere 22 January 2011 (another phewww!)

The Walking Dead
The series is based on the graphic novel of the same name. It's about a small group (probably there will be many more) of people trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Yup, it means, there are horrifying zombies in this series. It may sounds cheesy like any other zombie films/stories, but it is not. I actually quite surprised by how good the show is. It's not the same like others. Yes, there are killing, hacking and slashing dead people scenes, but it also gives you different views on surviving the aftermath of zombies apocalypse. The themes of the show mainly about desperation, moral dilemma, humanity and choices you have to make in your life. The story runs slowly and it's not a fast-paced & action packed tv series like 24 or Prison Break. But that what makes The Walking Dead so good - it lets your emotion attached to the story.

What happened last time (spoiler alert!):
Last year, The Walking Dead finished its 1st season (6 episodes). The survivors make their way to Atlanta, Georgia and find out that walkers (zombies) have overran the city. So, the city is no longer safe for them and they also learn that there are no one out there to help them.

Obviously not everyone likes police officer

Excessive botox treatment
Next episode:
The premiere of season 2 will be on October 2011

An animated tv series follows the story of a International Secret Intelligence Service's (ISIS) agent, Archer Sterling. This show is freakin' hilarious! Seriously. The jokes are fast, clever & yet stupid. Basically the jokes are much like any other typical American jokes that you would find on YouTube. But I enjoyed watching it. The main character, Archer, he is like James Bond, but he is also an idiot, annoying and hilarious agent.

What happened last time:
Season 1 has finished with 10 episodes.

Exactly Archer!

Next episode:
Season 2 will be started on 27 January 2011.

Also, tv series that I watched last year, and...

I loved it!

Lovely 2002 classic family tv series. Everwood is a story about father and son relationship, family dynamic, friendship, life, career, academic and of course, love. This is one of the best American drama I've seen. I like all the characters in this series and the actors were brilliant. The storyline and themes are superb. It has everything in there for a great drama - joy, sadness, fondness and comedy (minus action theme). I watched all 4 seasons in just a few months. Can't get enough of it. Oh yeah, plus, Emily Van Camp (as Amy Abbott) is so pretty! Hehe

Ephram Brown & Amy Abbott
Favorite scene. Ephram gives a necklace to Amy.
 (Yeah. Damn right I'm a sentimental guy)

I've stopped watching

Lame. Liked the concept, but not its presentation. The CGI is horrible, dialogs are bad and the acting is poor (I'm not an expert, but anyone can tell)

The poster says it all

The Event
It started very well with an action packed pilot episode. Then it became too complicated. Too many flashbacks and twisted storyline. I like the idea of the story, but something is missing, affection theme perhaps? I'll come back to it later (few years from now maybe. Haha).

Sometimes hot girl is not a factor for a good show

Ok. That's it guys! I literally took half of my day to finish this entry. Pheww! I got nothing else better to do anyway. Hehe. 

So, thanks for reading. See ya next time. Ciao!

p.s: Excuse me for my grammatical errors & weird sentences :)


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