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What... After almost a year of "hiatus", now I'm posting two blog posts in a day?! THE END IS NEAR.

Well, I just feel like it. I think it's time for me to get back on this blog, write something, and speak up my mind.

Remember that one post I wrote about a book (click here)? Me neither. Kidding. I do. Of course I do. It was my first blog post ever! And that was back in 2010. Oh, how time flies. If only I can tell my old-self not to take everything for granted and make so many mistakes.

Okay. Enough with self-pity. And speaking of books, do people still read them? I think they do. I'm one of those people. I'm not an avid reader however. I'm a slow reader in fact. So slow that it takes years for me to finish reading a book.

Last year, I picked up several books. Maybe around four. I'm still currently reading one of them. Haven't finished 3 or so. And I had to return them to the library (Yes, I go to library as well. I'm not lying!). As a matter of…

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