Anfield Talk: 2011-2012 Season Begins!


Guys, new season of English Premier League starts today! Yeah!! For us, Liverpool, our first game will be against Sunderland at home, Anfield. For me, this is the most exciting season since after we won Champions League in Istanbul 6 years ago.

Liverpool pre-season game, versus Malaysia, last July.
Liverpool 6 - Malaysia 3.
(Really sad I couldn't attend )

Last season was a season to forget for everyone who associates with Liverpool FC. It was a horrible season, or at least until January this year. Embarrassing lost to not-so-big clubs like Blackburn, Blackpool, Stoke, West Ham, etc is certainly something we need to avoid this upcoming season. Added to that, humiliating League Cup (vs Norhampton) & Europa League (vs Braga) exits. If we want to challenge United and the rest of big clubs, we must improve.

Huge disappointment in 2010-2011 season.

Speaking of improvement, this summer Liverpool have spent big to strengthen the squad. In my personal view, I'm thrilled with our new signings. The thing that I like most is that Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool's manager by the way) has signed quality local players. 4 of them were player of the season for their former club - Charlie Adam (from Blackpool, Scottish), Johan Henderson (from Sunderland, English), Stewart Downing (from Aston Villa, English) and Jose Enrique (from Newcastle, Spanish). The squad is now almost complete. For me, we only need one more solid centre-back. Gary Cahill from Bolton is a strong candidate. Other than that, I think Liverpool are well-prepared and ready to go for a new season. Our target is definitely to finish in top four to qualify for Champions League, the playground of European elite clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Bayern Muncih, etc. For those who don't know, Liverpool are the third most succesful club in Europe with 5 Champions League titles. Hence, we ought to be there in the competition once more. Personally, I believe Liverpool can do it. My heart says we will win at least a cup (FA Cup or League Cup) and finish in top 4 with only few points behind the champion (probably that scum again). But my head says that we will have to struggle to finish top 4, but eventually we will get there.

New players. Welcome lads!
Kenny (centre) with Henderson, Adam, Doni & Downing.
New addition. Jose Enrique.
Spanish left back from Newcastle.
Champions League spot is our target this season.
Come on!

Tonight, our campaign starts with a game at our beloved stadium, home, Anfield. We will be playing against Sunderland. Last season we drew 2-2 at Anfield and won 2-0 away (remember Suarez brilliant goal?). I have a great confidence that Liverpool will win tonight's game. My prediction? 2-0 at least. But looking back at our pre-season friendly matches, Liverpool are bound to concede at least a goal. I don't want that to happen, but it's not surprise if Sunderland manage to score. Anyway, Liverpool will win. Really excited to see our new players performing. For me, especially, Stewart Downing. I'm a big fan of Downing since he at Middlesbrough. Great left footed player, traditional winger, can play both sides of the flank, got a sweet left foot - great crosses, shooting and dribbling skill. 

Liverpool against Sunderland last season.
Remember him?

So, all the best to Liverpool (as if they are listening. Haha). Walk on. YNWA.
Thanks for reading. Ciao!


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