Album Review: Westlife - Gravity [2010]

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I finally got a chance to review Westlife's latest album. I procrastinated a lot to do this entry actually. But, anyway, here it is. 

This latest album by Westlife is called Gravity. It was released in November, last year. So, it has been like 7 months and only now I managed to write a review. But, I'm gonna share my review anyway regardless whether if there is anyone out there will read this or not. For those who don't know or not sure, Westlife are still exist and this album is their 11th studio album. 13 years, they are still going strong doing performances & tours around the world. Personally, I grow up listening to their songs. Because of that, I can assure you that this is the best album Westlife have ever produced. This album rocks! Westlife have changed their style little bit, but not completely. They go for much rockier (is rockier a right word?) and dark appearance, but not like heavy metal or something. Their songs are more solid and exciting. They are no longer a boy band with charming lookings etc. 

As I wrote in my previous post for Safe single, this album is produced with the help of great John Shanks. This guy is one of the most talented music producer in America and he has worked with the likes of Bon Jovi, BSB, Kelly Clarkson and others. So there's no surprise by how amazing Gravity turns out to be. 

Track by track review
1. Beautiful Tonight - Perfect start for this album. A potential chart topping song. This song is probably the best and most different Westlife's song in many years. It's a mid tempo song, has a great beat in it. Some of my friends thought this song was Bruno Mars' The Way You Are. If you hear it, you can understand why. It's a song that you would like to sing along to it. 

2. Safe - First and apparently, the only single for this album. The melody and style are very much like any other Westlife's songs. It's a power ballad I should say. The lyrics are nice because they deviate from typical love songs.

3. Chances - This one is actually a cover song. It was originally sang by a band named Athlete. Very good song. It starts slowly and ends dramatically. Music and strings in this song are awesome, especially at the climax. 

4. I Will Reach You - Another great song in the album. Love the melody, music, lyrics and basically, everything. I recommend this one to anyone that would like to know Westlife's current music style (along with Beautiful Tonight). 

5. Closer - My personal favorite. I always love listen to songs that start with piano + hopeful tone and have dramatic/extravaganza finish. This is one of them. It's pretty similar to the last album's hit song, What About Now. All members of the band contributed in writing this song.

6. The Reason -  This one is actually need no explanation. Another cover song, originally from Hoobastank. I'm sure everyone knows this song. I love this song, since many years ago and it's one of my all time favorites - Hoobastank version. Quite disappointed when I found out that Westlife would record it and put it in the album. Anyway, their version is not that bad, just fine, nothing much. 

7. Tell Me It's Love - I've posted an entry for this song. The reasons why this song is good; beautiful lyrics, nice melody,  easy listening and Nicky's part (third verse, after the second chorus).

8. I Get Weak - If Nicky has his part on the last track, this one has Kian in it (Nicky & Kian rarely sing solo).  Again, nice melody and it's a heartbroken song with nice lyrics. 

9. Before It's Too Late - For the last album, they have a song that called Talk Me Down, where Mark sings solo in it. This one is quite similar. It has the same music style, and it's even better. Lyrics are good; about saying something important to people when we still have our chance. One very great song. 

10. No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight - Ever heard of Black Eyed Peas' songs? Well, this one is like theirs. Perfect song to be played in events, commercials or montage. It's a dance/club song, no one would hate it, trust me. Love the part where there's instrument playing like in a Muse's song (I don't know what the instrument is. Keyboard, synthesizer or something?).

11. Difference In Me - A very unique song. Different from all Westlife's songs in their 11 albums. Shane sings solo in it, and his voice suits very well. It's like a song that Plain White T's would sing. 

12. Too Hard To Say Goodbye - For the last album, the last track is a goodbye/farewell song - I'll See You Again. And they do the same for Gravity. As before, they dedicate it to Nicky's & Kian's late fathers. In fact, the lyrics for this song are more personal than the other one. I like the chorus, lovely lyrics; "Standing by your side. It felt like I could fly. If I could be half the man that you are in my eyes. And I could face the darkest day and fight the tears inside. I can't turn the page or hold back the time. It's too hard to say goodbye". Also, do you guys know Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On? This song was written by the same person who wrote that Titanic popular soundtrack. So, you can hear the similarity in the music. A very beautiful ballad song.

All in all, this is the best and most exciting album they have ever produced. All 12 tracks are amazing. Although it's the best, my favorite album is still their first album (Westlife, 1999). Gravity my second favorite, yet. Go, buy, download it or whatever. Totally worth it. If not, try listen to Beautiful Tonight, I Will Reach You or Closer. I give it 5/5. awesome album! 

By the time I'm writing this, Westlife have announced that they will release their second Greatest Hits album: Unbreakable Vol.2 (possible name). How great! The first single will be released in August. Can't wait! Two greatest hits album in their career, not many bands can achieve that. Amazing accomplishment. Kudos to them.

That's it for my review. Thanks for reading. Next, I will review Avril Lavigne's 2011 album: Goodbye Lullaby.     Here is a live version of Beautiful Tonight. Enjoy it! Bye.


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