Anfield Talk: King Kenny is Coming Back!

Hey guys

As of now, to all football fans out there, you probably have heard the news. The big news. Yup, Kenny Dalglish is taking over the head coach position for Liverpool. Hooray!!

Welcome back king!

I don't feel sorry for Roy Hodgson. His termination was simply inevitable and long overdue. 31 matches, only 13 wins? That's not good enough old man. In fact, it's the worst thing I've seen since the first time I started supporting Liverpool, 11 years ago. Suffice to say that Roy is just an average manager - mid table club at best. We are Liverpool, we are better than this. We should have been challenging Premier League title by this time, or top 4 finish at the very least. Instead, we embarrassingly lost to Blackburn, Stoke, Blackpool, Wolves and even freakin' Norhampton. Sayonara Roy Hodgson. You will be remembered, for the wrong reasons, and surely will not be missed.

Hodgson legendary (embarassing) face rub

Now, let's talk about King Kenny. Kenny Dalglish is a Liverpool legend, no.1 all-time greatest player in fact. We are so glad to have him back (he managed Liverpool 1985-1991). He is definitely will boost squad's morale and motivate all the players, encourage them to keep on fighting.

Good old days

"Kenny: You just have to poke those eyes. Like this. Easy!
Gerrard: I'm not doing that to Owen, Kenny. He was my best friend"

That's all I got to say from now. This entry may sounds not that interesting, but I'm actually so excited with this news. 2011 shall be the year that The Reds started to comeback to rule European & English Football. Yeah!

You'll Never Walk Alone.



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