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What... After almost a year of "hiatus", now I'm posting two blog posts in a day?! THE END IS NEAR.

Well, I just feel like it. I think it's time for me to get back on this blog, write something, and speak up my mind.

Remember that one post I wrote about a book (click here)? Me neither. Kidding. I do. Of course I do. It was my first blog post ever! And that was back in 2010. Oh, how time flies. If only I can tell my old-self not to take everything for granted and make so many mistakes.

Okay. Enough with self-pity. And speaking of books, do people still read them? I think they do. I'm one of those people. I'm not an avid reader however. I'm a slow reader in fact. So slow that it takes years for me to finish reading a book.

Last year, I picked up several books. Maybe around four. I'm still currently reading one of them. Haven't finished 3 or so. And I had to return them to the library (Yes, I go to library as well. I'm not lying!). As a matter of fact, I still haven't finished reading the book that I wrote about in my first blog post. Heck, it's the only book I talked about in this blog.

Well, I think it's really due to my bad habit. I tend to stop doing something in the middle and leave it unfinished. Not just reading books, but almost everything. By everything, including big things that could affect my future. Yeah, it's that bad - do I need a therapist or something?

So, currently I'm reading two books:

Quiet: The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain
Goodreads link (click here)

I've read about 40% of the book. And so far, it is brilliant. I have never read a book with such details and well researched contents before. And I've found one.

This book mainly is about introverts. In this book she explores what is introverts, how a person can become one, is it inherited or developed by experience, and many thing else. She also makes thorough comparisons between introverts and extroverts in many cases and instances, Really good book.

"What is introvert?" you may ask. I'm not quite good at explaining it. But the main adjectives (not necessarily accurate) that can relate to introverts and extroverts are "quiet people" and "loud people" respectively. But like I said, it's not a precise definition.

You may take the test yourself to know what type of a person you are. There are many self-test online. There is a decent one by Psychology Today (click here). You might have a better understanding about these two personalities.

I found this book in a bookstore while searching for other self-help book. And I'm glad that I found it. The book itself is pretty popular. It has received a lot of praises and good reviews. I read few pages in the bookstore and totally hooked by it. RM 49.90 worth spent.

The Perfection Point: Predicting the Absolute Limits of Human Performance by John Brenkus
Goodreads link (click here)

I bought this book at Big Bad Wolf book sale last couple of weeks. I couldn't find any interesting book at the time except this one. And it only costed me RM 8.00.

Basically the book is about how far human can go at performing certain actions - how fast a person can run, how high a person can jump, how long a person can hold his/her breath underwater, how a fast a person can swim, etc. The author mainly uses sports to study those limits and whether human can exceed them or not.

I've only read several pages. And it seems like a good book. The language is easy to understand. But at the moment, I can't tell how deep his (the author) research and findings are yet.

I'm planning to finish these two books by the end of March. And I've recently joined Goodreads too. A very neat social site for book readers. I hope I can fill the "read" bookshelves as many books as I can by the end of this year.


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