Anfield Talk: More misery for Liverpool

Hi guys

The thing is, I'm tired of seeing Liverpool losing. Spurs couldn't defend, Van Der Vaart & Kaboul were out early in the game, Bale was ran out of steam. For some freakin' reason, Liverpool lost the game! The result was a 2-1 lost to Tottenham.

I don't like to blame anyone, I always see football as a team sport. But this time I know exactly who to blame. First, Torres & Maxi. What the hell they were doing in front of goal. Torres, so called a world class striker had two clear chances. Although he made two delicates tap cum pass, but when in front of the goal, he didn't shoot, he was slow. To be honest, he didn't look like showing any desire to play for Liverpool at all. Maxi also had couple of great chances, which he missed, terribly! Second person I'd like to blame is, Konchesky, our 'first choice' left back. He was goddamn too slow. In fact, he has been very slow and poor all season. Mediocre at his best. Thirdly, obviously, Roy Hodgson. As a manager, he has been uninspiring for the rest of the team, to the fans as well. He openly criticizes our own players, rubbish at press conferences and often makes poor tactical judgement. He must go, immediately, or at the very least this January.

Positive side from the game, Lucas & Raul Meireles were brilliant. Lucas in particular was very solid. Raul did well, his tackling was good, though sometimes his passing was little bit off. Skrtel also was excellent. He was unfortunate to score an own goal after scoring for Liverpool at the other end. His tackling, blocking, heading and anticipation were good. Spurs were lucky to have Carragher injured 5 minutes before the game finished. Kyrgiakos was Carra replacement, and Spurs took advantage on that. Long ball played more than 4 times towards Crouch in the last minutes of the game. One of them assisted Lennon winning goal, helped by the lack of pace of, who else, Konchesky. Spurs didn't play THAT well and they were the lucky bast*rd. Just sayin'.

I've already started to hate Spurs

I don't know how Liverpool going to bounce back anymore. We are so inconsistent. The way I see it, Liverpool need somebody to score goals for us. I've already lost faith on Torres. I don't see determination and desire inside him to play for us anymore, half-hearted at most. He was brilliant only few times this season. Other times, he was average and I have to say this, he was freakin' lazy. Liverpool need to bring a set of top-class, fast paced, magician winger. New goal scoring and effective strikers are also needed. Perhaps, a set of full back also would be good as well. I hope Liverpool will comeback and finish this season in 4th place at the very very least. That's all I have to say. YNWA - always.

Sorry for the angry words and bit dramatic. I'm just too disappointed. Thanks for reading though. See ya next time.


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