Anfield Talk: Liverpool & Torres are back!

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This week must be the greatest week for Liverpool fans all over the world. Yesterday, we beat Chelsea 2-0!!! Woohooo!!! Err..sorry for my over excitement. I just can't help it. It has been a long time since the last time we had this feeling. The feeling of beating  a big, arrogant, full of annoying fans and rich club. Sorry Chelsea fans. I'm not saying all of you, but some of the fans really make me sick. Not to mention the fans from the other red team. Not the team with the cannon, but with the fork. You know what I mean right. They like to mock our club, disrespectful, minding other clubs' businesses and talking nonsense when it comes to football (lack of understanding I suspect). In fact, they keep referring us as 'Liverfool'. Ehhh, that's so lame and very childish lah. Booooriiiiiing. Again, not all of them, only some of them, but sorry to say, in this particular club's case, MOST of them. 

Anyway, let's get serious here. Now, Liverpool are in a hot streak. 4 wins in a row, including the comeback in the Europa League game against Napoli in midweek. The team has performed well recently, and this win against Chelsea really boosts our spirit to chase the top 4 finish in Premier League table. 11 games already played now and we are in 9th spot (15 points, level with 5 other teams) and only 5 points-shy to be leveled with Arsenal and Man City. That's a great improvement since we almost hit rock bottom few weeks ago.

Now let's talk about Liverpool performances in the past few weeks. The wins against Blackburn & Bolton are definitely important for the team. Those two games have lifted team spirit and the team now looks more alive and enthusiastic for the first time this season. Players now look pretty settled, team chemistry & confidence start to grow higher in each game.

NESV Board Members visited Anfield
Torres netted the winner against Blackburn. Liverpool won 2-1

Maxi late winner. Bolton 0 - 1 Liverpool

Gerrard came to the rescue with 15 minutes hattrick against Napoli.
3-1 the final score

Yesterday performance I must say, was awesome! We got ourselves early goal, thanks to the brilliant combination between our strikers in that game. Great vision by Kuyt to set up Torres who wouldn't miss that kind of chance. I personally felt little anxious with the way he handle the loft ball from Kuyt, but didn't he control it so well, did he? Brilliant first touch and without any delay he side footed the ball into the net. The ball took little bounce though, but it was a great goal. The second one even better. Torres did exactly what he capable of. Fine control with the ball and delicate finish. Torres was terrific in this game. He chased the ball, closed Chelsea's players down - very often, showed some aggressiveness, he was at his best during the game.

Torres 1st goal. Terry was all over him!

For the whole team, they were terrific as well. Konchesky's defending as expected was little bit suspect. Some of the Chelsea's clear chances came from the right flank crosses. Means that Konchesky didn't handle his opponents very well, but I guess he was fine. Thankfully, the introduction of Bosingwa who replaced Ivanovic didn't give any damage to our defense and Maxi did his job helping Konchesky at the back. Both of our centre-back (Carragher & Skrtel) were solid. They read the game well and were very tough to crack. Martin Kelly, I like this guy, he does so well every time he play. For 90 minutes, he was great, with the help of Carragher beside him, he managed to stop Chelsea's movement from the left. Though he let Malouda & Drogba ran past him few times, he did great, considering that this was a big game, he learns.

Torres curled the ball into the net for the 2nd goal

Gerrard as usual, worked very hard. Involved in every aspect of the game, fantastic captain. Meireles and Maxi did their job even though  they may not looked comfortable in their positions. Being a central midfielder, both players tend to make runs toward the centre instead of opening wide, dribbling and crossing the ball - we can see that in every game. I guess it's in their nature as a playmaker, so I can't say anything more.  Now, how about Lucas Leiva?. I've posted about how do I rate this guy as a player. So you must know that I'm one the Liverpool fans out there who appreciate Lucas ability. He has received tons of criticisms throughout his career at Liverpool. Lots of Liverpool fans esp here in Malaysia like to banish and moan about his performances. But yesterday, he was a monster. He worked so hard and was tenacious during the game. He passed, tackled and closed down so well. He anticipated every movements made by 3 Chelsea's central midfielder. Suffice to say that Gerrard-Lucas won the battle versus Mikel-Zhirkov-Ramires. 

Reina also did well. Managed to make couple of important saves. One of them was brilliant/lucky point blank save and the other one was a fine dive stopping Anelka's shot. Ona and all have done their job very well. We performed well, were tireless and determined. Our work ethics, attitude and discipline have won us 3 points and let's hope the momentum keeps going. YNWA.

My ratings (out of 10):
Reina 7.5, Kelly 7, Carragher 8, Skrtel 8 , Konchesky 6, Meireles 7, Lucas 8, Gerrard 8.5, Maxi 7, Kuyt 7, Torres 9.

I don't give a damn about Chelsea's players. lol. But I give a few. Terry 7. Anelka 6, Ramires 6 and Drogba 5 (2 complete passes & 1 shot off target, what can I say more?).

"'Galah panjang' anyone? You'll never play it alone." lol

p.s: I like to call Liverpool as 'we' cause me and all the supporters are part of the team. Don't you feel that way too toward your team?

*All pictures are complete ripped off from and other sites. I don't own the pictures. 


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